biography Born in San Diego, California, Caroline Foster was the only child and daughter of Kyle and Christine. Growing up with her father heading an aircraft manufacturing company meant that Carrie, as she was so lovingly nicknamed, was surrounded by airplanes of all kinds. From an early age, she was fascinated with them, and, as soon as she was old enough, her father began to take her on flights and teach her the basic functions of many of his jets. It turned out that she had a knack for flying, and, for her eighteenth birthday, her father put her through flight school so that she could get her license. After all, she would need it if she was going to follow in his footsteps.

The thought of being head of her father's company was a terrifying one. She had known from an early age that it was a possibility, but it wasn't until she began her college education on the east coast (Boston University) that she realized she was being molded to take his job. She couldn't help but wonder if her choice of major had even been a choice. Majoring in business management was definitely something she knew her father had always wanted for her, but she began to question whether or not she wanted it for herself. Despite the internal conflict, she saw her education through and eventually obtained her degree. However, she did not rush back home to start working for her father. Instead, she remained in Boston working at the club she'd worked at part-time since it opened in 2006. It was a job she had come to enjoy over the years, one that she had taken for the work experience and not the pay and eventually kept because she had a knack for it.

Carrie had always been an outgoing and social person, and working as a bartender was almost the perfect fit. Sure, she knew that running her father's business required that same outgoing personality, but it was more dealing with stiff military types than the average person looking to spill their sorrows over a glass of whiskey. She found herself enjoying offering advice to wayward strangers and even playing matchmaker with her patrons. According to her boss, her tendency to meddle as well as certain assets were the reason the staff was so well tipped. Carrie knows that on the day she eventually has to go back home, it will destroy her. She has formed lasting bonds of friendship at Katherine's and isn't keen on leaving.

Though her father wanted her to come home and work for him, he understood the idea behind his daughter wanting to find herself outside of his company and allowed her to remain in Boston. The only stipulation of this arrangement was that Carrie had to listen in on at least one conference call a month. Kyle Foster was not going to let her forget she had an obligation to Foster Aircraft.

The way Carrie sees things, she has all the time in the world to prepare herself to become a business woman. Her father is still healthy and enjoying his work, so what's the harm in enjoying her youth while she still can? She considers herself to be very sensible with her income, both job-related and what she receives from her father, and her biggest extravagance is the maintenance for the small plane her father bought her upon her graduation from college. She takes it out for recreational flights here and there and uses it to fly herself home for the holidays.

Because she is so happy in her current life, she is testing the waters in convincing her father to relocate to the east coast. It is something Carrie is heavily researching outside of work, even going as far as to propose a location outside of the city for him to relocate to. The task of doing so would not be an easy one in terms of expense, but she is more than willing to accept whatever consequences come from it, at least if it ever comes to pass. For now, all of that seems far into the distant future, but Carrie Foster tends to be the type to plan ahead.